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    Vibesman commented  · 

    I don't like the Photoshop workaround, so here's what I do to order an album. Irista inexorably sorts an album by JPEG EXIF shot timestamps, and I use a neat program for rewriting that timestamp to be anything I want, called "EXIF Date Changer" from Rellik Software. For a very small price, I can alter a selected set of JPEG files in a selected folder or everything in the folder in filename order, with a specified timestamp increase. EXIF Date Changer does this non-destructively by placing new versions in a "adjusted" folder attached to the target folder, with new timestamp prefixed filenames. Once you learn the program, you can order things the way you want. Still no excuse for Irista not providing arbtirary user-specified sorting.

    Vibesman supported this idea  · 
    Vibesman commented  · 

    All of the comments are valid, but here's another reason for user-selcted album order. When one shoots a sports action seqeunce in Continuous Shutter mode (as many shots per second as an SLR permits), there can be multiple exposures with the same JPEG internal timestamp. In my case my Canon T6i stores the timestamp with a 1 second granularity. By inexorably sorting only by this timestamp in an album where with my camera as many as 4 shots can have the same timestamp, Irisita screws up the order of my sports action sequence and ruins the entire effect. Time to get serious and join the big boys, Canon Irista Team! And while your at it, how about a nice slide tray for sorting like PowerPoint?

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