My photos in RAW format look different in Irista. What happened to these pictures?

When RAW files are uploaded to Irista we always store the original photos, but we also create a smaller, converted version which is faster to load and display on the Irista website and mobile applications. 

This conversion process can sometimes create slight changes in colour (for example, usually red or green tinge appears on the image or it looks brighter or darker than on the device where it was taken) for some newer camera models. But we are always updating our service to correct these issues for RAW photos from new cameras.

If you find your RAW photos have a colour tinge, please know your original RAW file is stored unmodified and it's only this smaller version of the image that might be affected. And we're also always updating our system to correct these aberrations.

Have a question about this or an example of a RAW photo which doesn't look right? Please contact us at, and we'll investigate right away.

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