How can I download all my photos and videos?

There is a download link on your account profile page. When you click this link, we will package your photos and videos into a set of zip files of around 4GB each, so that you can download them in manageable chunks. You will need to download each zip file one by one.

Preparing the zip files for download should only take a few seconds. The time needed to download each file will depend on your internet connection. The zip files will persist for download until the site closes on 31 January 2020, or until you delete your account.

Please be aware that if you upload new photos or videos after preparing your content for download, the new content will not be contained in previously generated zip files. You will need to regenerate the download in order prepare a new set of zip files to download your new content. Be sure to download all of the zip files again as the contents will vary from previously generated zip files. Downloads can only be regenerated once a day.

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