How much does shipping cost for hdbooks?

Our irista hdbooks are crafted in Italy and shipped from there around the world. So shipping depends on your distance from Italy. Here are the current shipping charges:

Italy, Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Spain, Luxemburg: €9 + VAT

Greece, Finland, Ireland, Croatia, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Estonia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Lettonia, Malta, Slovenia, Slovacchia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Rep., Romania, Albania, Andorra, Gibraltar, Belarus, Faroe Islands, Canary Islands, Switzerland, Norway, Turkey, Ukraine, Canada, USA: €15 + VAT  

Emirates, Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, China, South Korea, Egypt, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Australia, Virgin Islands: € 22 + VAT

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