How to publish photos and videos from the Lightroom plugin?

Irista Publish Service will publish the photos and videos which are located within the collections under the service. Lightroom creates a collection named Photos by default, but you can create any number of collections using custom names.

Photos being moved first time to one of the collections are shown as New Photos to Publish.

This is the time where you can start to publish by clicking on the Publish button.

Once a photo or video is published, it is then moved to the Published section, indicating that this photo or video should be already visible on the Irista Timeline.

If you have new photos and videos that you would like to upload onto Irista, just add them to any Irista collection and you will be able to publish them instantly. Furthermore, if you make any changes to one of the already published photos or videos, you can have this version on Irista too, just make sure that you publish it again.


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