How to install the Lightroom plugin?

You can get the Lightroom plug-in from the Apps section of your Irista account page. Follow the steps below to install the plugin.

Step 1: Please go to and click on the Account icon on top left corner of your timeline (circled in red below):

Step 2: Click on the Apps on the left side of the page (cicled in red below): 


Step 3: On the Apps screen, scroll down and click on the Download Plugin button (circled in red below):

Step 4:
  • FIRST OPTION: Extract the downloaded file to the standard Lightroom Modules folder according to your OS:
  • In Mac OS (current user)

~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Modules

  • In Mac OS (all users)

/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Modules

  • In Windows 7/Vista or above


Please note: you may have to create the Modules folder.

  • SECOND OPTION: Extract the downloaded file to a custom folder, where you want the plug-in to be loaded from.

Step 5: Start Lightroom.

Step 6: Select File -> Plug-in Manager.

Step 7: If you have chosen the FIRST OPTION, the plug-in should be automatically listed in the Plug-in Manager dialog. You only need to enable the plug-in by clicking on Enable. 

If you have chosen the SECOND OPTION, you should click on Add then browse to the irista.lrplugin folder...

... and select it by clicking on Select folder (Windows)/Add plug-in (OS X) button.

Step 8: The plug-in should show that it's Installed and running. You can close the Plug-in Manager now.

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