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Desktop Uploader to calculate the total number of photos

What bothers me is that when you rename or move a folder to another place at your hard disk, the auto uploader can not understand that there is no change in the contents of this folder and thus no uploading is really needed but instead it proceeds to upload everything once again and only then the deduplication filter kicks in to reject all that “new-old” data.
I suggest that auto uploader first calculates locally at our hard disk level, a checksum for every candidate for upload file, then checks with the
help of the dedup filter whether a file with the very same checksum already exists at Irista and proceeds to upload only the really new ones
Excuse me if I am explain too much but I am not very confident that I get to tell the right way what i mean, so after excusing me :slightly_smiling_face: here is an
I have a folder at disk X named “my photos” and there reside in subfolders all of my photos (as I have already mentioned above 1,5 Tb in total and rapidly growing)
At some point disk X will get filled to the top, so I will have to get a new bigger one “disk Z” and move there “my photos” folder. As far as I know
when I declare to the uploader that I want this folder to be included in the “watched folders” list it will proceed to upload everything again, only
to reject it in the end as “already existing”
The same goes if I leave everything in the same place at my disk but I change the name of a folder, let’s say I make a folder “my personal photos”
and a folder “my professional photos”. Even with fast connections 1,5 Tb uploads for no real reason are not going to be very amusing and I think
that Irista won’t be amused as well when it realizes that it did so much work for no real reason I think with the little technical knowledge that I have that this feature is far more easy to implement that the above mentioned sync capability and will save a lot of resources at both sides.

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